The Magnificent Scottish Fold Personality

If you're looking for a cat companion that is unique in appearance with a charming personality to boot, then the Scottish Fold may be the perfect pal for you. Read on for some fun and fascinating facts about this amazing breed.

Where It All Began

Nature was responsible for those unique folded ears of the Scottish Fold feline. In fact, it can trace its "beginnings" all the way back to 1961 in the Tayside region of Scotland where a farm cat named Suzy made history. This little white cat with its strange folded ears was noticed by a shepherd named William Ross, who took one of her female offsprings home. He later bred, "Snookie," with a British Shorthair. And the rest, as they say, is history...

After the Scottish Fold became more and more popular, it was imported into the US in 1971. By the mid-70's it was officially recognized as a breed by most of the cat associations in North America.

Fun Fact: Although this breed did originate in Scotland it is not recognized as a breed there due to the concerns that the folded ears may cause problems like ear infections or deafness.

Sooo Round

Of course, the forward downward ears of the Scottish Fold is not its only attribute, it has huge round eyes that are wide-set and full of sweetness. Plus with its round head and unique ears, this cat takes on a pixie or owl-like appearance. But that's not all. This cutie has a short nose with well-rounded whisker pads and a rounded, sturdy body.

Fun Fact: This breed is a favorite of Taylor Swift.

Scottish Fold

A Coat of Many Colors

This breed comes in two coat lengths; shorthair and longhair. The shorthaired type has a short, soft dense plush coat, while the longer haired variety sports a ruff around its neck and upper thighs, with a plumed tail and toe tufts.

In addition, the Scottish Fold comes in many colors and patterns including calico, tabby, and solid colors.

Fun Fact: Even though this cat's ears are folded, they can still have tufts of hair on them.

The Scottish Fold Personality? Plus, Plus, Plus


The beauty of this feline is not the only thing that makes it an awesome pet. It has a wonderful personality.

The Scottish Fold is a sweet-natured, affectionate and people-orientated feline. It loves to be around its family and is known for being very kid-friendly (as long as the children are polite and respectful of the pet).

This cat is smart and enjoys playing with teaser or puzzle toys. Activity wise, it isn't a high demand cat, but it will want to "help" you with whatever you are involved in.

Are you looking for a charming pet? The Scottish Fold loves to lie around in all different types of poses like on its back with all four paws up, flat-out frog-style and sitting on its haunches like a curious meerkat. So cute.

In addition to all this great stuff, this breed has a quiet, polite voice that has a chirpy tone. Although, not demanding the Scottish Fold will let you know what "needs" to be done to keep it happy.

Fun Fact: This cat even has a signature pose, it's called "the Buddha." This is when it will sit upright, leaning against the back of a chair/sofa, with its legs spread wide apart. The breed has even been known to sleep in this position.

Tips For Pet Parenting a Scottish Fold

Like any animal, you should be prepared to be the best pet parent you can to your new fur baby, the Scottish Fold is no different. Here are some practical tips to having a healthy and happy Scottish Fold;

  1. A Balanced Diet: Try to feed your Scottish Fold a high quality, balanced diet. The food will be a bit more expensive, but it will be well worth it when your cat is happy and healthy.
  2. Fresh Water: Moisture (water) is paramount in a cat's health. Always have a fresh supply available for your Scottish Fold at all times.
  3. Socialization: Pets are what they are exposed to, good or bad. Always provide your Scottish Fold with positive socialization and situations. This is especially important when they are kittens.
  4. Grooming: Due to this breed's folded ears, regular cleaning of them is important to prevent dirt buildup or infections. Brushing, bathing, and toenail clipping your Scottish Fold should also be done on a regular basis. Start these habits when it's a kitten to get it use to these actions.

The Scottish Fold Has SO Much Going For It

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