10 of the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

January 13, 2017

When we think of the word "affectionate" in the pet world, the first thing that most likely pops into our heads is a warm cuddly puppy, not the feline species. Fortunately, that mindset is simply not accurate. In fact, there are several cat breeds that are known for their warm, fuzzy and loving personalities.

Here are the top 10 most affectionate cat breeds according to breed studies done by Cheryl Hogan of The International Cat Association (TICA).

The Ragdoll

It's no coincidence that the name of this affectionate feline tells it all. The Ragdoll cat got its name by the fact that it literally will lay in your arms, sprawled out like a "ragdoll." This quiet and laidback breed is deceptively muscular, despite its big fluffy appearance. It makes an ideal indoor companion for children and will even tolerate (dare we say) enjoy being dressed up like a doll. In addition, its tiny chirp-like meow will let you know how much you are loved.

The Scottish Fold

scottish fold

The unique folded back ears of this breed is not the only thing it has going for it; the Scottish Fold is one affectionate feline. Although, it won't pester you to be right up in your face, this cat does want to share every moment with you. It loves its family members and does well with the attention from children of all ages. Plus, it's sweet face and funny ears will make loving it all that more enjoyable. If you're looking for affection and good looks, you can't go wrong with the Scottish Fold.

The Birman

birman cat

Once referred to as the "sacred cat of Burma" the Birman has been admired for its many beautiful qualities for centuries. In fact, legend has it that this breed acquired its striking appearance from a blue-eyed goddess. Although, this is most likely not the most accurate tale, the Birman is not only a beauty to behold, but it's intuitive to his pet parent's moods and is always there to offer up a soft shoulder to cry on. Plus, on the other side of the "paw," the Birman loves to play and interact with its human companion(s) all day long.

The Tonkinese

Equally affectionate to all family members, the Tonkinese thrives on attention, interaction, and just being a part of a responsive family. Talkative by nature, this cat is always ready to give his opinion and will gladly share a feline-inspired conversation with his people. Like his Siamese heritage, this feline has sleek lines, a soft smooth coat and can even be found with those strikingly blue eyes.

The Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair

Another offshoot of the Siamese is the Oriental Shorthair, which just like it's lineage, is a loving and devoted feline companion. Its raspy voice will carry on with its people to let you know exactly what it wants at any moment. It's highly intelligent, athletic, and agile which is perfect for busy families that want to involve their feline friend in all the going-ons of life.

The Bombay

With its sleek ink-black coat and charming personality, you can't go wrong with this affectionate cat breed. The Bombay is always looking for an inviting lap to indulge in or even to snuggle under the covers at night time. This cat breed is extremely friendly and has even been referred to as "the goodwill ambassador of the cat world." The Bombay is a smart cat that loves to play and can even be taught how to walk on a leash!

The Sphynx


Although upon first glance this breed of cat may look like someone turned him inside-out, the Sphynx is one cat that isn't low on affection (even if his looks are a bit strange). This hairless cat loves to be on his special someone's lap and not just because he loves the warmth, but also because he just wants to be around his family all the time. He's clever, intelligent and very entertaining and will even learn a trick or two if you take the time to teach him.

The Kurilian Bobtail

kurilian bobtail

Even though its name may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, the Kurilian Bobtail is as affectionate as its unique appearance. It has a cute pom-pom tail that is a result of a natural genetic mutation and is a newer recognized member of the Cat Fanciers Association. It is a charismatic cat that wants to be around people and will instantly bond with all family members.

The Egyptian Mau

Dating back thousands of years to Egypt, the Egyptian Mau's sleek body and beautifully spotted coat is only the tip of the iceberg for this affectionate cat breed. It is fiercely devoted to its people and will show you love by kneading his front paws and uttering soft chirp-like meows in your ears. And, not unlike its canine-counterpart, the Egyptian Mau will also "wag" his tail when feeling happy.

The Devon Rex

Elfish in looks and high on the affection, the Devon Rex is one cool cat. It's soft wavy rows of fur, large eyes, and squat face all make it cute-as-a-button. Not only that, but this breed loves to be engaged in all things family. It also gets along very well with feline-friendly dogs and loves to be with children of all ages. In addition, the Devon Rex would make a great therapy cat!

You Can't Go Wrong With an Affectionate Cat Breed

Now that we've uncovered those affectionate cat breeds you are sure to be able to find a feline friend that will love you with all it's kitty-heart. Although, these breeds are known for their affectionate personality, that doesn't mean a moggy from the shelter won't be just as loyal and loving. Before you choose a cat (or any other pet) to bring into your family be sure to do your research to ensure it will be the purrfect fit. In addition, only look to reputable breeders or your local rescue group to find your next bff!

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