Top 11 Large House Cats – They’re Huge!

February 5, 2017

They say "big is beautiful" and that couldn't be more true than when it applies to our domesticated felines. These large house cats are winning the hearts of pet parents all over the globe.

Think you may want a large house cat? Then you need to check out these beauties...

The 11 Largest House Cats

#11. The Burmese

Burmese Cat with big ears

The one thing you will immediately notice about the Burmese is its roundness. It's head is round, its eyes are round, even its feet are round. It is a stocky breed, with great strength and personality. This cat loves to jump and play and is extremely affectionate with its family members.

What does it weigh? The Burmese can reach around 12 pounds!

#10. The Egyptian Mau

The strikingly sleek and athletic look of the Egyptian Mau is not the only feature that folks adore about this cat. It loves to interact with its family with wand toys and will take every opportunity to show off its jumping, climbing and hunting skills. This feline will even carry on a conversation with you in a quiet and pleasant chortle.

What does it weigh? The Egyptian Mau can reach around 14 pounds!

#9. The Bengal

Famous for its gorgeous stripes and rosette markings, the Bengal's coat shines in the light with a glittery effect that permeates through every hair shaft. This feline's body should be slim and athletic, with slightly longer back legs than front. However, despite its beauty, the Bengal can get into a lot of mischief because of its keen intelligence.

What does it weigh? The Bengal can reach around 15 pounds!

#8. The Siberian

The long thick coat of this large house cat originated from the forested region in Siberia (most likely why it developed its thick coat). Nothing much phases this feline and he'll greet his family and guests with the same enthusiasm. And don't let his large size fool you, this large house cat is agile and playful.

What does it weigh? The Siberian can reach around 17 pounds!

#7. The Maine Coon

A List of the Best Maine Coon Cat Names

This big-boned and muscular feline is one large house cat. The Maine Coon is known for its beautiful bushy coat and tail and its excellent hunting skills. This cat has been called the "dog of the cat world" because of its highly social behavior. It even likes the water.

What does it weigh? The Maine Coon can exceed 18 pounds!

#6. The Ragamuffin

This affectionate large house cat loves its family and will most likely greet you at the door when you come home. Its medium-long coat is dense with a long-plumed tail and comes in a variety patterns and colors. The Ragamuffin can also be very vocal at times letting you know when something needs to be done or isn't quite right in his world.

What does it weigh? The Ragamuffin can reach around 20 pounds!

# 5. The Ragdoll

True to its name, the Ragdoll breed will go limp in your arms when you pick it up. This perfect lap cat loves to be around its human companion and will come running at the sound of any running water. It gets along well with kids, other cats and even feline-friendly dogs.

What does it weigh? The Ragdoll can reach around 20 pounds!

# 4. The Norwegian Forest Cat

Known as the "Wegie" for short, this breed loves affection, but isn't pushy when it comes to asking for it. His gentle personality is further accentuated by his quiet voice and limited demands. It loves to climb and view his surroundings by the highest vantage point. In addition, it has a long beautiful bushy coat.

What does it weigh? The Norwegian Forest Cat can reach around 22 pounds!

# 3. The Savannah

Savannah Cat Big Ears

This breed was developed by crossing an African Serval and a domestic cat. Interestingly enough, it still retains some of its wild blood. This breed is known for its extremely long body and beautifully spotted coat. The Savannah is a lean and athletic cat that has an outstanding temperament when properly socialized.

What does it weigh? The Savannah can reach around 25 pounds!

#2. The Chausie

This cat may not be a breed too many folks are aware of, but it's one large house cat. It's exotic appearance is comparable to a wild cat and is only more solidified by its strong and well-muscled, albeit sleek, physique. It loves to run, jump and explore, so put away those breakables.

What does it weigh? The Chausie can reach around 25 pounds!

#1. The Jag

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The Jag may be another unknown breed to some people, but it has taken our number one spot for the largest house cat - there's nothing petite about this exotic breed. It was developed by crossing a Bobcat, Jungle Cat and an Asian Leopard Cat. The results are a strong, athletic, agile and beautifully-patterned feline that is super-smart and affectionate.

What does it weigh? The Jag can reach around 28 pounds!

Large House Cats Are Amazing!

We've given you quite the list of large house cats to choose from, but know the weights given refer to the average breed standards, so some cats may be smaller and some may grow to be even larger.

If you are interested in bringing one of these large house cats into your family, be sure to research out a reputable breeder or adopt one from an animal shelter.

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