How Do You Tell Your Cat You Love Them?

Do you know the signs of your cat's love towards you? This can include the quivering tail when she looks at you, or the gentle wrapping of her soft tail twined around your arm or leg.

But how do you tell your cat you love them back? The hugs, kisses and soft words are great, but does Kitty really know what you're trying to convey?

Check out these tips we've uncovered for every pet parent that wants to tell their cat just how much they love them... in feline speak.

1. The Scent Mingle

Cat's use their scent glands to mark their territories, this includes people. Show your cat you care by extending your finger out to her nose, if she sniffs it and rubs her face along your digit, this is saying, "I trust you." On the other paw, if your cat isn't in the lovey-mood and ignores your attempt, respect her wishes and try again later.

2. The Slow Blinky

Cats that are comfortable with you may slowly blink their eyes when gazing into your own. Try mimicking the "slow blinky" to let your cat know you feel the same.

3. The Head Butt

Albeit, endearing, the head butt can be a painful experience for the pet parent (I know I've had my share of hard knocks on the noggin' by my overzealous fur baby). The head butt is a cat's way of showing his love and trust for you, as well as claiming ownership with the scent mingling we discussed early.

4. The Grooming Session

Grooming for a cat is not only a personal matter, it is a trusting and loving action. This can be done between cats or to the human companion.

It is quite a special moment when a cat decides to groom your hair, although, that sandpaper-like tongue is a bit weird. To mimic this action back (without actually using your own tongue) get a warm washcloth and rub it along your kitty's head and back. This isn't only a wonderful way to clean your cat up a bit, but it also reminds your bff of the grooming it received from its mom.

5. The "Talk"

Every pet parent that has loved a cat knows each one has its own special variety of "talking." This can include certain pitches, tones, meows and squeaks. Animal behaviorists feel the domesticated cat's vocal nature may be their way of trying to communicate with us on our own level.

The next time your kitty is yammering-up-a-storm, try imitating those sounds to help her feel loved and secure.

6. The Nose-to-Tail Rub

When your feline friend rubs his body along your legs from head-to-tail, this is an affectionate symbol of love and trust. Return the sentiment the next time kitty shows this action by starting at his end and stroking him all the way down his back to the tip of his tail. This will be appreciated by your cat and will strengthen the bond the two of you share.


7. The Cat-Nap

The feline species are notorious for taking the infamous cat-nap and will do so most anywhere that catches their fancy. However, if your cat curls up beside or on top of you when you're napping, this is a huge statement of their trust for you. This action is also saying "you're my protector." Awwwww...

8. The Training Session

It's not impossible to train a cat, in fact, your feline will benefit from some mental stimulation training brings, as well as the one-on-one time you spend together. Just remember to have your cat's special favorite treats on hand to reward her for work well done.

Get to Know Your Cat

Perhaps the best way you can tell your cat you love them back is to get to know them. All cat's have different personality quirks and traits. Once you know these you can act accordingly to what your cat is trying to tell you.

Being a good pet parent is more than just providing your cat with food and water. Being an active part of their lives with love, pampering and playtime will increase the bond the two of you share. Afterall, there's nothing else quite like it, wouldn't you agree? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking from “Cat Cat Cat” to Amazon (, or,,, or

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