Pixel and Eevee’s Top 5 Favorite Cat Toys

January 7, 2017

Pixel and Eevee have a lot of toys, as well as many household items they have adapted as toys, including hair ties, milk rings, hairspray caps and many more.

While they will play with just about anything, they do have their favorites that they like to have around them all the time.  

5. Catnip Stuffed Hedge Hog

Hedgehog Toy

Eevee just waking up from a nap with his hedgehog toy

The hedgehog is a favorite of both Pixel and Eevee's.

When we first got it, all they did was fight over it, because they love a good catnip-filled hog!

Now, they carry it all over the house and sleep on it so their brother can't steal it while they are napping.

They have gotten a little better at sharing but when it is freshly filled with catnip, all rules are out.

4. Red Angry Bird Stuffed Animal

Pixel With his Bird

Pixel with his angry bird toy at age 10 weeks and age 3 and a half years

When we brought Pixel home we hardly had any toys for him to play with and how could he survive without toys!?

I went looking for the smallest stuffed animal I could find in our house and the best toy I found was this angry bird that Josh had won at Dave and Buster's a few years back.

I didn't think that Pixel would like it because it was as big as he was at the time, but I put it in his bed to see what would happen and, lo and behold, he fell in love with it!

It has become his security blanket that he keeps with him everywhere. I think it will always be his favorite. 🙂

3. Temptations Snacky Mouse

Pixel and Eevee playing with their temptations mouse toy

Pixel and Eevee playing with their temptations mouse toy

This snacky mouse is a fun toy/treat dispenser that Eevee and Pixel both love!

It took them a few plays to get the hang of it, as it can be kind of tricky to get the treats out at first, but once they figured it out, they loved it.

After all, they do love treats!

Now they kick it all over the house even without treats in it, just to make sure they aren't missing out on any snacks.

2. Collapsable Cat Tunnel

Tunnel Toy

Eevee sneaking up on Pixel while he plays in their tunnel toy

This past fall we were in Japan visiting friends for a week and while were there we went to a lot of cat shops which made us miss Pixel and Eevee so much!

At one of the shops, though, we found this cat tunnel with attached toys and figured we just had to get it for them!

As soon as we returned home, they were so happy to see us, but mostly they were happy to see the toys we got them. 🙂

They ran in and out of this tunnel, probably 20 times when they first saw it. They also like to pounce on each other when one of them is in the tunnel.

Now, if it is in a room they want to walk through, they will go out of there way to walk through the tunnel on their way across the room. It's by far, the best 500 yen we ever spent!

1. The Ripple Rug

Ripple Rug

They are all tired out after playing with there Ripple Rug

If there's one thing you should know about Pix and Eeves, it's that they LOVE their ripple rug

We were eyeballing the Ripple Rug for awhile, because it just looked like so much fun and this year we finally ordered it for Pix and Eeves Hanukkah present.

We actually ended up opening it a week early, due to the fact that Pixel and Eevee wouldn't stop scratching at the packaging. They knew it was for them and they needed it NOW!

When we opened it, they could hardly wait for us to get it unfolded. We hid their toys in it and they went crazy looking for them and hopping in and out of the holes to slap each other.

When they were all worn out they napped on it for hours. In fact, this is one of their favorite places to take a quick cat nap now!

What's nice about this rug, is that it can be rearranged using velcro strips that are attached to the bottom. When you rearrange it, it's like a brand new toy all over again!

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