11 Different Breeds of Cats With Big Ears

January 22, 2017

There are many features of the feline species that make it special, like its ability to purr and propensity to lie on all things warm (regardless if it's a laptop or just a lap).

Cats come in all different colors and hair-lengths that will fit most any feline enthusiast's personality and lifestyle.

But the one trait that is undeniably adorable are cats with big ears!

Love that feline feature? Then you'll be happy to "hear" we've compiled a list of those ear-endowed kitties that will make you ear-a-sistably interested.

The Top 11 Cats With Big Ears

The Sphynx


Found through a genetic mutation, the Sphynx is not only completely hairless, but it's ears are out-of-this-world big. In fact, some folks refer to the Sphynx cat as being alien in appearance due to the size of it's ears and it's hairlessness.

This breed is not only unique in looks, but it's high on personality. The Sphynx is very intelligent and loves to work on puzzle toys for extra treats. Its comical nature and need to be among its family members makes it all that more adorable and enjoyable.

The Devon Rex

The Devon's wavy coat and small face is only made more special by its big ears. This breed loves to ride on people's shoulders and is great at playing fetch. He also enjoys being the center of attention and will even snuggle under the blankets with you on a cool evening. However, the Devon's propensity for mooching people food tends to add on those unwanted extra pounds, so go easy on the table scraps with this big-eared fellow.

The Abyssinian

Wanting to perch as high as possible is only one of the fun traits of the big-earred Aby. This cat is extremely intelligent and loves to entertain with its comical antics. Its sleek appearance and smooth ticked coat gives it that jungle-cat look that many pet-lovers go "wild" over.

However, there is one habit the Abyssinian is definitely known for and that's snatching anything that catches its attention. This is why it is also nicknamed, the Aby-grabby.

The Burmese

Burmese Cat with big ears

How would you like to pet parent a "brick wrapped in silk" with big ears? As odd as that may sound, this description is what cat-fanciers fondly refer to the Burmese as due to its heavy, muscular body.

Personality wise you can't go wrong with the friendly and loving nature of this breed, as well as its talkative attitude. It enjoys human companionship and would make a great cat for a loving and devoted family.

The Cornish Rex

With its big ears, large round eyes and sleek body, the Cornish Rex is one feline that you will immediately fall in love with. Its hair is super-soft and a cinch to groom (just run your hand over it to gather up all those stray hairs). It's also fun-loving and has an active personality that will keep you on your toes. Love that kitten-stage? This breed retains that playful, comical nature well into maturity.

The Japanese Bobtail

This cat may be short on the tail, but its ears well make up for it. The Japanese Bobtail comes in a variety of colors, patterns and tail lengths, with a loving heart and a charming personality. People adore this breed for not only its unique appearance, but also for its talkative nature and sweet disposition. It would make an exceptional addition to any family.

The Ocicat

With its beautifully spotted coat, big ears and large round eyes, the Ocicat looks more like a miniature wild cat, than a domesticated pet. However, that's where the "wildness" ends as this breed is known for its dedicated and generous nature, giving back love to all those who care to indulge in it. The Ocicat is also very smart and loves to walk on a leash.

The Maine Coon

This breed not only has big ears, it's an overall large feline, some tipping the scales at 20 pounds! It has a bushy coat with a lovely fringe of hair around its face and neck. The Maine Coon is also no stranger to owning an awesome nature. It loves to be around family, but isn't too pushy. Plus, if you have a rodent problem, it has retained its hunting skills as a mouser.

The Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Cats with big ears

The super big ears on the Oriental Shorthair is not the only trait that will catch your attention, this feline loves to chat it up in his loud raspy voice. In fact, he may have quite the argument with you if he decides he doesn't want to do something. This breed also has a long sleek body that is athletic and agile. Plus, its coat is short and simple to groom.

The Savannah

Savannah Cat Big Ears

The coat on this breed of cat is absolutely amazing with its patterned spots and tail stripes. It sports a sleek athletic build and is known for being alert, confident, and curious. This cat loves its family members and is willing to play in the water or take a long walk on the leash. Plus, it has those big ears that make it so darn adorable.

The Singapura

Only growing up to 8 pounds, the Singapura's small head, large round eyes and big ears make it so cute you won't be able to resist giving it a good cuddle. Which is just fine with this breed as it's not at all shy around strangers and enjoys spending time with its special people. In addition, the Singapura will keep everyone entertained with its mischievous and fun-loving nature.

Gotta Love Those Cats With Big Ears

Who doesn't love those cats with big ears? They aren't only cute to look at, but I think you will agree the above breeds take the prize for being exceptional felines.

If you are looking for a big-eared cat to add to your family, be sure to research out only reputable breeders or a rescue organization that can bring you and your next bff together.

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