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The CatCatCat Caves retail for $69.95, but as a launch promotion, we're selling them for $39.99 and you get 3 FREE wool balls as well!
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Cat Cave Features
  • LARGE SPACIOUS DESIGN: The CatCatCat Cave is roomy enough to work for both kittens and cats up to 20lbs! It can also work for two cats up to 10lbs or even kitten litters.
  •  HANDCRAFTED: Our cat caves and wool balls are handcrafted with love by artisans in Nepal. This is the perfect gift for your cats and your favorite pet lovers!
  • NON TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Both our 100% wool cat caves and our 100% wool cat balls are made WITHOUT harsh chemicals. They are non-toxic and safe for your family and pets!
  •  ANTIBACTERIAL & EASY TO CLEAN UP: The Merino wool used in these cat caves and balls is not only soft and comfortable for your cats, it's also features natural antibacterial properties that keep your pets safe and clean! Clean up is also easy with a little bit of soap and water.
  •  HOURS OF FUN & RELAXATION: Cats LOVE our wool caves and balls! Depending on their mood, they may spend the day hidden away inside the cat cave or just curled up on top of the padded cave. Our caves are very versatile!
  • Large Enough For Cats Or Kittens! This cave measures 19"L x 19"W x 12"H and the hole has a 9" opening.
  • Comfortable For Your Cats! Merino Wool is amazing at trapping your cat's body heat to keep him/her warm in the winter, but it also features amazing wicking properties which help keep the cave cooler in the summer. That way, your cat or kitten can enjoy it all year round!
  • 100% Natural Non-Toxic Merino Wool! Your pets and family can use our caves and balls without worry!
HURRY! Your Cat Wants A CatCatCat Cave!
CatCatCat's 100% all-natural wool caves and balls are large enough to handle multiple cats and roomy enough to host litters of kittens. They are all handcrafted in Nepal using an ancient technique that only involves water, soap, and pressure!

What makes these caves and balls so great, is that they are naturally non-toxic and antibacterial. Merino wool is an amazing fabric that naturally repels dirt and stains in addition to being extremely soft and comfortable for your pets! Not only that, but these products are 100% non-toxic!

Whether your cats and kittens love enclosed spaces or just like padded beds, this is the perfect gift for your pets! Also, don't forget about the 3 FREE wool balls that are included with your purchase! Cats go crazy for these wool balls and love to play with them :)
NOTE: since the wool is 100% natural, it will "shed" over time and may require slight up keep to maintain it's clean and beautiful appearance. To remove the excess wool, it's recommended to use a small comb or a vacuum to vacuum up the pet hair/shedding wool. The colors may vary slightly as well due to this product being natural merino wool.
HURRY! Get Your Cave Today!
Get Your Cave and 3 FREE Wool Balls Now!
The CatCatCat Caves retail for $69.95, but as a launch promotion, we're selling them for $39.99 and you get 3 FREE wool balls as well!
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