Cat Toilet Training – No More Litter Box Messes!

You may have seen a cat using a toilet in the hit movie "Meet the Parents" with Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro, but this notion isn't just for comedic-effect, it is an actually practice that pet parents can teach their feline friends to master.

Let's explore the world of potty training a cat, why you may want to do it, what it entails and some cool products to help your cat become toilet-ready.

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Why Toilet Train Your Cat?

There are many reasons to toilet train a cat, but perhaps the biggest one for pro-potty training is it allows the pet parent to eliminate the litter box and the smell that can oftentimes accompany it. Here are some other good reasons why you may want to toilet train your cat;

  • No heavy cat litter jugs/boxes to carry
  • Great for pet parents in small homes or apartments
  • Reduces the amount of cat waste being put into landfills
  • Convenient once the cat has been trained
  • No money spent on cat litter, scoops, disposable bags, etc.

What Cats Can Be Toilet Trained?

Before your throw out all your kitty litter paraphernalia, do a personality check on your feline friend - not all cats can be taught to use the toilet. Felines above the 3-month age, that are confident and bold are the best candidates for potty training. However, if your cat is fearful, older, suffers from arthritic pain or already has difficulty using the traditional litter pan, you're best just to leave kitty be.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat Using the Litter Kwitter System

If you have established that your cat is able to be potty trained, here is a good unit to get your cat out of the litter and onto the toilet.

The Litter Kwitter has been designed with the help of veterinarians, animal behaviorists and cat breeders to come up with a simple, three-step process to potty train your cat.

What's Inside the Box

The Litter Kwitter uses three specially designed and color-coded toilet inserts to help transition your cat from the litter box onto the toilet. The unit consists of;

  • A white universal toilet cover that looks like the toilet seat (without the lid)
  • Red insert does not have a hole and uses flushable cat litter
  • Amber insert has a hole, but still uses flushable cat litter
  • Green insert - bigger hole no cat litter

Here's how it works;

Step 1 - Red Stage

Use the white universal toilet set with the red insert and flushable cat litter. Place this beside the toilet to get your feline use to the idea of going in the bathroom.

Once your cat has become accustomed to using the Litter Kwitter seat, fit it over top of the actual toilet seat and allow her time to adjust to jumping up onto the toilet to go.

Step 2 - Amber Stage

Once your cat as mastered the red stage, move onto the amber stage. This insert replaces the red one and has a hole in the middle of it surrounded by flushable cat litter. This step is used to help your cat learn to balance on the toilet.

Step 3 - Green Stage

When your cat has mastered the above stages and is using the amber colored insert like a pro, it's time to use the green insert. This has a large hole and does not use any kitty litter. By this point your feline friend should be getting use to the idea of balancing on and using the toilet.

Final Stage - Remove Unit

The final stage to potty training your cat using the Litter Kwitter is to completely remove the unit from your toilet. This is when your cat has mastered all the stages and will know how to balance on the toilet seat to do his/her business.

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Want to learn more about the Litter Kwitter? This YouTube video shows you want you will need to know.

What Type of Flushable Cat Litter Should I Use?

If you've decided to give the Litter Kwitter a shot, don't forget you'll need flushable cat litter. Never use traditional clumping or clay litters as these will plug your toilet.

Here's two flushable cat litters you may want to try;

Garfield Flushable Cat Litter

We love the cartoons and now that sarcastic orange tabby has his own line of flushable kitty litter. This 100% biodegradable cat litter comes in both tiny and regular grain-sizes and contains no chemicals, dust or color (it's white). It clumps well and would be a great choice for the Litter Kwitter.

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

This flushable cat litter uses a special attractant that encourages both kittens and those senior cats that are having litter box issues. This Sanel cat attractant would also be useful in toilet training your feline friend. In addition, the small granules are soft on paws, but strong enough to provide good clumping action.

Conclusion to Cat Toilet Training

So as you can see, toilet training your cat isn't an impossible task. Know your feline to be sure he will adapt to using a toilet, then take your time. Patience, praise and reward-based training will help your cat become just someone else in your home waiting to use the bathroom. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking from “Cat Cat Cat” to Amazon (, or,,, or

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