5 Cat Foods That Are Carrageenan Free

Finding the right cat food for your pet can be a long processes riddled by trial and error. There are many things to consider when selecting a cat food – does your cat prefer a dry or wet food, will they eat something that’s all natural, what is actually IN the food they’re eating, etc.

While there are many different articles on what ingredients to avoid when selecting a food, today we’re talking about keeping carrageenan out of your cat’s diet. While carrageenan is a natural substance that is made from seaweed, it is used as a thickener and emulsifier in your cat’s food. This can lead to inflammation in your pet’s intestinal tract, and sometimes cancer. The easiest way to avoid these potential health issues is to stay away from foods containing this ingredient.

Let’s get straight to the foods that do not contain carrageenan to help you make a better choice for your pet’s meals.

Here are 5 high quality cat foods that are carrageenan free.​

Comparison Table: Cat Foods That Are Carrageenan Free


Tiki Cat



Nature's Variety

Wild Calling

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12 pack

10 pack




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3.2 oz




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Tiki Cat: Koolina Luau and Puka Puka Luau

Both of these flavors of the Tiki Cat food brand are carrageenan free. These foods don’t contain veggies, carbs, fruits, or soy, but instead focuses on creating a food that mimics what cats would eat in the wild. Shredded chicken, eggs, ingredients are easily recognizable to humans… which are not always the case in different types of cat food!

Tiki Cat is a little pricy… so feeding more than one cat Tiki Cat daily may not be possible. However, using Tiki Cat as a once or twice a week treat is a great way to incorporate the food into your cat’s diet.

Reviews show that cats, even the more finicky felines, love this brand, and will gobble it up with gusto!


Weruva Grain Free Cats in the Kitchen

Weruva is a cat food that brings in their meats and fish from Australia and New Zealand, and puts them straight into your cat’s food dish.

Honestly, if you’d like your pet to eat human grade food, this is for you. Carrageenan free, free of grains, and other mystery ingredients, Weruva is a one serving pouched wet cat food that will make your felines VERY happy.

The cost of Weruva is mid ranged, and again, the reviews say that even incredibly picky cats will devour their meals!


Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food

Ziwipeak brings in foods from fully New Zealand farms, so you ALWAYS know where the ingredients originated.

It is full or protein, grain free, and truly all natural ingredients. They offer several different types of food, so if your cat is a fish eater or a meat eater, you have options. Chicken, venison, salmon… you name it, it’s there for your kitty.

The best part? Cat’s LOVE it, and will easily gobble up every bite.


Nature’s Variety Instinct LID

In addition to being carrageenan free, Nature’s Variety offers low starch, no grains, no GMO, and meats that come from the US and New Zealand.

Nature’s Variety is one of the lower priced foods on this list, but the reviews speak for themselves. Rabbit seems to be the favorite among felines around the globe, and cat parents like that the food is actually all natural, and provides the vitamins and minerals that cats need to feel their best.


Wild Calling Canned Cat Food

A pate style cat food that is grain free, carrageenan free AND low carb! The best part? It is an inexpensive option for your felines to eat an amazing, all natural diet.

There are many different varieties from salmon, duck, turkey, and chicken, allowing you to figure out what meats your kitty enjoys the most!

You can rest easily knowing they’re getting a quality, all natural food that they’ll love.


While this list isn’t the be all end all of cat foods that are carrageenan free, we hope it will give you a few different options and help with your research of natural foods.

All of these products are available on Amazon, so you can ensure a quick delivery!

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