Eevee the Cat

Eevee (a.k.a. "Eevers Beavers")

Product Testing Manager

Eevee had a rough start to his life. When he was born, he lived in a house full of 40+ cats, none of which were well taken care of.

Fortunately, when he was about 7 months old, Eevee and his siblings were rescued by Lake Haven Rescue.

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When we first started looking for a brother or sister for Pixel, we fell in love with a little girl kitty named Viva. She was super sweet and friendly, we just couldn't adopt her at the time, because we were just about to head on vacation.

While we were on vacation, she was adopted. So, as soon as we returned home, we immediately went to Pet Supplies Plus to look at what cats were available... and we found Eevee.

We didn't pick Eevee, he picked us.

As soon as we walked into their giant cat cage, he ran over to us and kept trying to rub his face on our hands. We immediately knew this was the cat for us!

And now, almost a year later, we're so glad we chose our Eevers Beavers. πŸ™‚

What You Should Know About Eevee

  • He loves belly rubs, just not more than two at a time.
  • He never loses energy. You could throw a toy to him while he's sleeping and he'll immediately get up to play.
  • Eevee is our youngest and he loves to antagonize his older brother
  • Eevers loves to snuggle everyone.
  • He's a thief. He'll take anything he can pick up and hide it throughout the house.
Pixel the Cat

Pixel (a.k.a. "Pix P")

Official Kibble Critic 

Pixel was born a barn cat, which there are quite a few of in the Grand Rapids, MI area. His original care taker was a 10 year old girl who took great care of him (with her parents help of course).

She called him Scratch, which was a very fitting name, considering he loves to scratch everything!

Angry Bird Toy

At about 8 weeks old, we adopted him, because he was the cutest little guy, and we really wanted a cat!

He was our first cat as a couple and Josh's first cat entirely. This guy was (and is) extremely spoiled.

Bedtime Stories

Pixel is about a year and half older than Eevee, but he's significantly larger than Eeves by about 7lbs. He'e not a fat cat, just a large one.

​He's never been much of a people person, but he does love his fur parents and he puts up with his brother as best he can. πŸ™‚

What You Should Know About Pixel

  • Pixel likes to be pet, but only on his terms. If he's feeling friendly, he'll let you know.
  • Pixel's favorite toy is an angry bird 1/3 the size of him. He loves playing with it an often brings it to us when he wants to play.
  • Pixel has all of his claws, but we cover his front claws with sο»Ώoft claws.
  • Pixel tries to run outside every time the front door or garage is opened. He's not trying to escape, he just loves to eat grass!
Soft Paws
Josh and Jenni

Josh and Jenni

Technical Suport

Due to the fact that Pixel and Eevee don't have fingers, they hired us to run this website for them. They want to share their kitty expertise with the world, so here we are to help them do that!

If there are two things we absolutely love, it's travel and animals!

We regularly travel across the globe and see amazing animals thanks to credit card rewards. And since some of the most exotic and exciting animals in the world are located in Australia, that's become one of our favorite countries to visit.

But, even though we love to travel, we still love coming back home to our fun, loving, little kitties. πŸ™‚

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What You Should Know About Josh

  • Josh loves technology. In fact, he used to run a Home Automation website at ZWaveZone.com
  • He loves Pizza and Tacos, because those are the best foods in the world!

What You Should Know About Jenni

  • Jenni is a fantastic cook who thoroughly enjoys making and trying new foods.
  • Jenni is also a health nut who likes to work out and stay healthy - which can be hard when her husband just wants to eat Pizza. πŸ™‚